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Why are The Ultimate Reamers much more expensive ​than traditional reamers available today?

The Ultimate Reamer is a precision machined tool. The mandrels we build these reamers on are tapered ground from the highest quality hardened steel, which in itself is costly. We then apply a coating of Tungsten-Carbide/Nickel composite teeth, and braze them in a furnace to join the two metal parts together. This overall process is what makes The Ultimate Reamer much more expensive to manufacture than sandpaper or grit reamers.


The benefit of this process to you, the end user, means you get many years unparalleled performance from our reamer, than you would get from any other reamer on the market today.

There really is nothing on the market that can compare to The Ultimate Reamer, its performance or quality.

How Do I Place An Order?


Custom rod builders can order the Ultimate Reamer  directly thru the web site, by email or through one of our DISTRIBUTORS

Payment and Shipping

Please contact our head office to discuss shipping and payment options. All orders must be prepaid prior to shipping.

Shipping costs vary depending on urgency, and location. Please conact our office for estimates specific to your needs.

​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express,  direct and email transfers. Shipping costs will be added to all orders OUTSIDE the continental US. Provide detailed contact information and shipping preferences so that we can provide options suitable to your needs.


The attached document outlines important safety information.

The Ultimate Reamer is designed to be used in hand drills and drill presses, it is NOT designed to be used in high speed lathes or any high RPM tool!

Due to the length of the Ultimate Reamer, and the thickness of the smaller diameter reamers, excessive RPM can cause the 16" working surface of these reamers to bend under excessive RPM.

The aggressive nature of the teeth and the design of The Ultimate Reamer means that you do not need to turn it at high RPM's to get the cutting affect desired while reaming out handles made of approved materials.


Warranty Information


The Ultimate Reamer comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects. The ultimate reamer does have it's limitations however, and is NOT designed to ream, hardened reels seats, or reels seats that contain glass, ferrous metals, or metal of any kind including aluminum.

Using the Ultimate Reamer on these types of materials voids all warranties.

The warranty does not cover mishandling of the reamers, accidently drops or clashes. It is recommended that reamers be stored in their individual cylinders to avoid accidental contact and damage.

Product Returns


Please contact the distributor where you purchased your Ultimate Reamer PRIOR to returning any items to them.

If you purchased your Ulimate Reamer from our Website, please email us directly for an RMA before sending back any item. We will contact you directly upon receiveing your request to facilitate any return and issue an RMA.

We will not accept any product without a vaild Distributor or Ultimate Reamer company RMA.



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