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The Ultimate Reamer is a precision tool specifically designed for the rod building industry (commercial or hobby) to make reaming cork, rubberized cork, burl, rubber, EVA and wood inserts easier and significantly faster than any other reamer on the market. It is NOT designed to ream hardened reels seats, or reels seats that contain glass, ferrous metals, or metal of any kind including aluminum.

All of the sets below have the specifications of each Reamer published in that set. Once you click on the set your interested in reviewing, you will notice that every Reamer has a minimum and maximum radius it will ream.

Depending on what specific rod type you are building, ie: Fly Fishing or Heavy Salt Water, the specific reamer set you'll need will differ greatly.

For less aggressive tapers, for example Fly rods, you will most likely be using a .003 to .005 TPI reamer set. If your building Spinning Rods or Lighter Saltwater Rods, you'll most likely want our .006 to .008 TPI reamer set. For those of you that build the heavier, fast tapered saltwater rods, your needs may be our .009 to .012TPI reamer sets.

What ever your needs, we can help to fulfill them.

The Ultimate Reamer Team.

If you have any trouble using our online shop email us at
Don't see what your looking for? We can also make sets in .003, .005, .007, .009  and .011 Taper Per Inch Sets.
Send us and email to with your specific needs.
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