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Includes 4 reamers .012TPI
1-012 .200" to .392"  
2-012 .392" to .584"  
3-012 .584" to .776"  
4-012 .776" to .908"  

.012 TPI ( 1 - .012 thru 4 - .012 )

  • The Ultimate Reamer is a precision tool specifically designed for the rood building industry to make reaming cork, rubberized cork, burl, rubber, EVA and wood inserts easier and significantly faster than any other reamer on the market.

    It is NOT designed to ream ferrous metals or metal of any kind.

    The reamer's mandrel is taper round from heat treated hardened steel using a propriatory process. Deliberately shaped conical tungsten-carbid/nickel composite teeth are then placed in a uniform grit structure, affixed to a flexible sheet which produces a permanently-bonded metallic composite abrasive product. 

    The spiral application of the teeth, with the appropriate spacing between the wraps of teeth greatly enhance material removal of particulate when reamign, thus providing a much greater reaming efficency.

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